Monday, September 25, 2006

A Clothing line,Cookbook and Cosmetics from Kelis!

Yes, that's 3' C's ! The "Bossy" girl had been busy working on plenty of projects such as a clothing line called Cake,Cookbook that is scheaduled to launch on 2007 and a plan in the works of Cosmetics and Beauty products.
"I'm always dressing myself," she said. "And I'm a mixer and a matcher. Like in the 'Bossy' video, those jeans I had, I designed them because that's what I wanted to wear. I totally mix them up with the shoes and the blouse. When I make my line, [that's how it's going to be]. I'm not going to wear all Kelis. I'm still going do my own thing."- About her Clothing line
"I have to say, actually, I'm good," she said, laughing. " 'Cause I don't really have a special dish. I can pretty much make anything. Even if I go to a restaurant and taste something, I'll go, 'Oh, I can make this,' and I'll just throw my own stuff into it. I don't really do stuff that I'm not good at. So I wouldn't say, 'Hey, let me do your taxes,' and then you'll be angry with me. But if I say, 'Let me make you something to eat,' then that I can definitely do."-About her Cookbook


Anonymous said...

Hey i cant wait till her clothing line launch i know its gonnaa be hot!

Dennis said...

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