Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Keep Her Promises

Remember when Lindsay Lohan lost her Birkin Bag and Promised whoever found it that she will give him/her a simple Thank You! But Apparently, Tom Webster, the driver who found the star's missing Hermes bag that was stuffed with $1 million worth of jewelry and her asthma medicine at Heathrow Airport earlier this month, says Lohan's London rep promised him a reward or a thank-you note from her - but so far, he's received neither.

Webster, who works for Reyka vodka, told Page Six: "They haven't gotten back to me. Not a word. She seems like a nice girl and she was pleased to get the bag back - it was full of diamonds and bracelets and necklaces. But it's really disappointing. I'd like to hear from her with maybe just a 'thanks very much.' Her people took my address and phone number and said they'd be in touch. I know these stars need a good looking-after, but she could have easily just spoke to me on the phone."
Yeah,Lindsay is that so hard to do? Aren't you always on your
Blackberry calling/talking to your so-called friends?


the_celeb_dish said...

I would be more surprised if she actually DID call him and thank him...

Andy said...

..well, I think Lindsay's the truly nice one in the 'bunch' but my guess is it's way down on things to do lists,..too pampered ya know. If she grew up normal, having to schedule time to drink/party with other young working friends,-imagine on an average budget buying blow for Daily consumption!...babbling, ok I think she should just give the dude $10,000 and stay out of the spotlight for a while. Hope it all works out. Good Karma.