Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pakistan shows no love for St.Angelina

Even though the whole world is loving her new ads for Shiseido sunglasses! ( I didn't even know they make sunglasses??!!) Pakistan is not letting Angie and the crew film the upcoming movie called "A mighty Heart "!

"A press minister from the government issued a statement to the Pakistan Daily Times saying, "No request by the film unit to shoot in Pakistan had been made to the embassy." He said all documentary and feature filmmakers must obtain permission and an appropriate visa from the Pakistani government before they begin shooting. Any unauthorized attempt to film without permission and without the knowledge of government authorities is "illegal and regrettable," he added. The minister said he would be making inquiries, starting today, both here and in Islamabad."
Seriously, You got to be kidding?! Who and what type of person wouldn't want Saint Angelina film? I would! Haven't you seen "Mr&Mrs.Smith" For goodness sake, we are calling her a Saint. I guess Pakistan is not ready to embrace her like Namibia did. Pakistan, do us all a favor and kiss St.Angie's ass..maybe in return she'll adopt one of yours!

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