Friday, September 22, 2006

A Rehab drink,blackberry and a lighter!

Who else? It's Ms. Lohan again! Seriously, I think she needs to seek a 24/7 stylist, doctor and a personal relationship shrink! She was just in the Hospital recently and it seems like Lindsay is loving every bit of the treatment! Hmmm, if you and Harry broke up, i'm glad! It doesn't seem like he's a good influence.

1. Stop breaking bones, look out for yourself!
2. Drop the blackberry! Until you find yourself real friends!
Hint: Someone who wouldn't give you a nasty nickname like firecrotch
3.What's with the lighter? Are you trying to kill yourself fast? cause it's working!
Stop smoking! dont you have asthma?!?

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Anonymous said...

shes lame.... funny tips