Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anna Nicole Is Unfit For The Bahamas

Anna Nicole Smith has already been ordered to vacate her Bahamas home by Oct. 31, and now a politician has questioned whether she's fit to be a resident of the country.

"Clearly, Anna Nicole Smith is not a fit and proper person to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas," Ingraham said of the 38-year-old former Playboy model. "Her general character and reputation don't commend her for such status."

The law in the Bahamas states that a person owning a house there valued at more than $500,000 and having the means to reside without being employed – and being of good character – can be eligible for residency.

"If she doesn't own the house, then she would not have met the policy conditions which the government of the Bahamas has with respect to the grant of permanent residence," Ingraham said of Smith.

What could be worse than Bahamas kicking you out? Is that California doesn't want you eaither. For sure, once Nicole goes back to Hollywood she'll be all over the news and paternity suit filed by photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims he is the father of Smith's infant daughter Danielynn.


Anonymous said...

Man leave this poor girl alone already. Has she not been through enough?

Anonymous said...

How much more can she take ?
I agree with you, she needs to be left alone, given time to grieve.
I feel so bad for her.