Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ashton Wants Brad Pitt's Body

While training to play a US Coast Guard in his new film, Ashton Kutcher had one man's body in mind for inspiration -- Brad Pitt.
"I went and saw Troy, I was with my wife and with a friend, and every time Brad came on and he was like naked or whatever, they were like 'Ohh', and I'm like, 'I'm right here, I'm sitting right next to you,'" says Kutcher, "I knew this movie was coming up so I went out and hired Brad Pitt's trainer."
-I bet all the girls wants to hire his trainer for their boyfriends!


tigger said...

he's ayt my body is better...lmao....i guess...

the_celeb_dish said...

Haha @ "I'm right here, I'm siting next to you." Too funny. I never thought of Ashton Kutcher as being a vain type :)