Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ashton Worried About Rummer

Rumer Willis is an impressionable teenager, and she ought to be home studying rather than out partying with the likes of Lindsay Lohan – or so says her pillar-of-authority stepfather Ashton Kutcher. A "source" tells Life & Style Weekly that "education is very important to Ashton, and he's afraid Rumer will think partying is better than studying." But, says L&S, Rumer isn't listening to her 28-year-old stepdaddy. "Rumer can't stop gushing about how cool Lindsay is. [She] feels honored by Lindsay's attention." Another dumb young/teenager starlet?
Please say it isn't so?
Hohan do us all a favor and do not corrupt little Rummer Willis's mind.
Didn't Lindsay used to f*** Bruce Willis!
Hollywood is soo soo nasty.

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