Wednesday, October 04, 2006

David Beckham Is Teaching Brangelina's Son Maddox!
Remember Maddox? Well, He is by far the coolest celebrity baby there is because he has the privilege of getting taught by a famous professional player David Beckham!

English sports ace DAVID BECKHAM has reportedly been signed up by BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE to teach their son MADDOX soccer. The Cambodian five-year-old is already a student at the David Beckham Soccer Academy in Los Angeles, but his famous parents have arranged private one-to-one tuition with Beckham, who was dropped from the England soccer team earlier this year. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Brad has asked if there is any chance of David giving a one-on-one tutorial."-Popsugar

Congratulations Maddox, You are too lucky!
However, I feel kind of bad that David is actually teaching kids how to play soccer!
I mean from Pro to this?

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the_celeb_dish said...

It would be a step down if it were any other kid but Maddox! I bet he's earning a pretty penny to do this, too!