Friday, October 06, 2006

Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Jet Bills
A private jet company has sued Jennifer Lopez, saying the singer and actress is late on payments for a pair of chartered flights.
It claims Lopez has yet to pay for two flights on Gulfstream jets from Farmingdale, N.Y. -- one to Puerto Rico on Jan. 26, and another to Burbank on May 25.
Each flight cost about $16,000, according to the lawsuit, and with interest the bill totals $34,241. -
-Who's next in line to sue J.Lo ?


Anonymous said...

ha, ghetto bitch needs to pay her bills..shes a fatass now

tyler said...

jlo is yummy still sexy but, shes getting old and her man is ugly.

the_celeb_dish said...

This is ridiculous- a lady as rich as JLO needs to pay her bills! :) I think she still looks fantastic, FYI.