Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jolie To Cover Up On Screen

Sexy Angelina Jolie has reportedly sworn never to show her body on screen again.

Jolie, who has topped many lists of the world's sexiest stars, feels she should cover up now that she is a mother.

'There's an element of her not wanting or needing to go for the shock element on screen anymore, but mostly she doesn't want her children to have to deal with that kind of issue, especially when they get older,' a source told the Daily Record newspaper.

Meanwhile, Jolie's minders have been causing trouble in India since she arrived with her family, including partner Brad Pitt, to film A Mighty Heart. Her bodyguards have been accused of issuing death threats to the press and breaking traffic laws.

(More Pictures of the Pitt Family!)

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juiicySCOOP said...

DAMMIT.. I love Angelina Jolie, like if she ever came up and propositioned me I'd do her. I have the biggest girl crush on her!!!