Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kevin Is Worth $10 Million With Out Britney! Look at what I bought from my bitch's money!
[ Here he is partying the night on in Vegas with out Britney]
NO wonder Kevin Federline is partying his life away without a care. If he and wife Britney Spears ever split, he stands to get $10 million - millions more than has been reported. "Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again," said a frustrated family friend. "He would have gotten $10 million." Federline left his wife and sons at home last weekend to party with friends and random women at Tao in Las Vegas where, according to online reports, his bodyguard slammed a camera into the face of a photographer who tried to take his picture.
- OH Britney! You had it coming!
You married the male version of Anna Nicole!
Even worse, no one takes this guy seriously!
He is a joke!


oscar said...

wow this guy is insane.just take a look at that chain on his neck.wasting money n partying instead of taking care of his kids. dude stop spending Britney's money!

Tassia said...

this guy is a mess.

Jared said...

It's amazing how famous he got after hooking up with Britney. He was a nobody and should stay a nobody.