Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kim Kardashian and her BF Nick Cannon

at the William Rast Spring 2007 Collection
Christina Milian looks way better than this fug!
She's better off being known as Paris Hilton's bitch!


Anonymous said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Kim Kardashian is GORGEOUS!!!! I love Christina Milian, but Kim is waaaayy prettier than her and she has a much nicer, more curvy & naturally voluptuous body which I think is cuter than Christina's for some reason!

kate said...

the bitch moves from man to man! what a downgrade. nick cannon annoys the fck out of me

brie said...

she's no celebrity and how did she even become famous?

Anonymous said...

ya'll some hatin ass hoes... she's a hot bomb so get over it, iiiight? thx