Monday, October 30, 2006

Madonna's Baby's Kabbalah Bracelet

Madonna's adopted baby has been spotted wearing a Kabbalah bracelet.

The one-year-old Malawi boy named David was wearing the distinctive red string around his wrist when he flew into New York from London's Heathrow airport with the 48-year-old singer last night (29.10.06).

Madonna - who was accompanied by her other children, Lourdes, nine, and six-year-old Rocco - was also sporting the red band which is associated with the mystical religious offshoot of Judaism.

Followers of the Kabbalah believe the band deflects "envious stars and looks of ill will".

Madonna is in the US to defend her adoption of David in a series of television appearances and to promote her new children's book 'English Roses: To Good To Be True'.


Anonymous said...

Why is Madonna such a freak trying to promote Kabbalah any one in their right mind knows that a piece of red string won't stop people giving you evil looks Madonna get a life and stop pushing that poor orphan to be a follower of Kabbalah

nic said...

wow another hollywood trend throwback!