Friday, October 06, 2006

Madonna's Journey to Malawi, AfricaI love the smile on her face in this picture!
Madonna should have brought a hair stylist/colorist! Madonna's journey to Malawi included visits to several orphanages. The artist is building an orphanage and child care center in Malawi to help the children of that country whose parents have died as a result of the aids epidemic. Madonna's visit is under the auspices of the Raising Malawi organization.
- Looks like Madonna is the future St.Angelina!
Welcome to the U.N Madonna ?


the_celeb_dish said...

I loved Madonna even when she was trampy, and I love her even more now that she is a good-doer!

Anonymous said...

I heard she was going to give the orphans Kabahlla water. Whatever. I am sure they want to know about some flaky religion.