Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael J. Fox: I Wasn't Acting In Ad

Michael J. Fox says he wasn't "off his medication or acting" in an ad for a Democratic political candidate, as Rush Limbaugh has charged, but was in fact overmedicated. In a CBS Evening News interview with Katie Couric on Thursday, Fox explained that the effects of his medication are hard to predict: "I just take it and it kicks in when it kicks in. Sometimes it kicks in too hard and then you get what's called dyskinesia, which is that rocking motion."

There is no time that he's not medicated, he said. "At this point now, if I didn't take medication I wouldn't be able to speak. I'd have a mask face. I'd lock up and I wouldn't be able to move."


Joy A said...

Rush Limbaugh is still a fuck face.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/Joy -- Michael J Fox has a serious illness. Rush needs to pipe down unless he can walk a mile in MJF's shoes. It is one thing for Rush to disagree w/Michael's politics, but to minimize the man's suffering, that is just pathetic. I cannot wait for him to retire or power down the battery that's in the place where a human's heart would be.