Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Michelle & Cameron

William Rast Spring 2007 Street Sexy (source)
Can they get any scarier?

And what are the chances they are dating

the hottest guys on the planet!


Gerald said...

omg!cameron looks like an alien..someone take her away now!

Joy A said...

You have posted the worst pic I have ever seen of Cameron Diaz!!

I haven't seen this anywhere. you're amazing.

* And your new layout is HAWT! =)

into GOSSIP said...

Thanks for the sugar, Joy. She looks like an evil witch out of a horror movie. No wonder why Justin doesn't want to marry her. He's seen how she really looks.

Anonymous said...

Cameron Diaz does look scary. I'd say Michelle is gorgeous in that picture though. Maybe that's because I don't know who she's dating so I don't have a reason to hate on her.