Monday, October 23, 2006

New Twist in Madonna Adoption

The biological father of the Malawian toddler Madonna plans to adopt has said that he was not clearly told that by allowing his only son to be adopted by the singer he was giving him up for good.

"Our understanding was that they [Madonna and British filmmaker, Guy Ritchie] would educate and take care of our son just as they were doing at the orphanage," said 32-year-old illiterate peasant farmer Yohane Banda tells Us in a telephone interview from Lipunga Village where he ekes out a living growing onions and tomatoes

Banda said he was told by Penston Kilembe, Director of Child Welfare Services, and Rev. Thomson John Chiepta, Director of the Home Orphange Centre, (where Baby David spent most of his life) that, "when David grows up he will return back home to his village." According to him, he was never told "adoption" meant David would cease to be his son.

"If we were told that she wants to take the baby as her own we could we could not have consented because I see no reason why I should give away my son," Banda says.

(Madonna leaving gym in London)

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