Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nick Carter Wants A "Normal Girl/Sex"

Singer Nick Carter would rather date a "normal girl" than a celebrity!

The Backstreet Boys star - who has romanced a string of stars including Paris Hilton - says the best sex he ever had was with his first love, Debbie LeFave.

"Actually a lot of the girls I've just had the best sex with or best anything with have been just normal girls."

The singer dated 23-year-old LeFave while they were at school together but the pair broke up after she allegedly cheated on him with a girl.

Former teacher LeFave hit the headlines again recently when she was jailed for 18 months after sleeping with a 13-year-old student.
- Is this true? Wow, things Nick Carter would say for publicity!
All of this for a reality show?
Any other stories/secrets left you'd like to share?

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the_celeb_dish said...

They really want us to watch that show, don't they? Wow, talk about airing of dirty laundry!