Friday, October 27, 2006


The 32-year-old reality-show villain was happy to tell Star all about her recent boob job, which she underwent in March as part of the Discovery Channel's new show, Plastic Surgery Before and After.

"I did it this way to avoid speculation," she tells Star. "I've seen people be dishonest about it. Little girls will try to emulate them and don't know they've gotten breast augmentations, Botox, and this and that."

For Omarosa, surgery was easy. "I remember them counting me down as I went under, and I remember waking up and feeling like someone was sitting on my chest!" But she was camera-ready in no time. "I got my surgery on a Sunday and was on the red carpet by Saturday," Omarosa tells Star.


Madison said...

Not a bad job, she still looks like a male ape.

Anonymous said...

whoa, i think they are tooo BIG!

Anonymous said...

Now she's gotta work on that face and attitude!

Anonymous said...

She is beautifull