Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Paris Hilton Prefers Eating Than Sex!

Socialite PARIS HILTON insists her sultry image is all an act and that she would rather eat than have sex.Although the STARS ARE BLIND singer became famous after a sex tape she filmed with former boyfriend RICK SOLOMON was released on the internet in 2003, she says she doesn't deserve her racy reputation.

She tells Seventeen magazine, "People shouldn't judge me and assume that's how I am."I get in so many fights with guys who are like, 'In public, you are the sexiest sex symbol, but you're not sexual at all at home.' "I'm like, 'Whatever, shut up. I don't wanna be.' I'd rather watch a movie or LOST, or like, eat."

Am I the only one that's not buying this?


Anonymous said...

Bull... she knows she's a hoe she just don't want to admit it!!!!

bellachanel337 said...

lol its so lame when you have to post as anonymous!

anyways calling ANYONE a wore is mean. She made a freakin sex tape with ther then boyfriend. That doesn't make you a wore that just makes you open to more things in the bed room. A wore is someone who sleeps around and honestly unless you have rock hard proof you guys are just jelous of all the attention she gets!