Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Paris Hilton Thinks She's Expensive!

The underemployed D-list celebs are already trying to get themselves a gig for New Year's Eve. Word on the street is Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra are trying to line up gigs to host celebrations in Miami, New York or Los Angeles - for a pricey sum. Hilton wants $100,000 plus expenses and a private jet for her to host a party, while Electra is cheap - a mere $50,000 and expenses. No jet necessary.

I hope Carmen Electra gets the gig!
I just seriously don't like want to hear like so many "like,OMG, and hot!" words.
Besides, I think Paris is better off with her mouth shut!

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bellachanel337 said...

i love paris shes so pretty! The person who writes this is just jelous that she is rich and famous and all this person is good for is trashing good looking people trying to feed off their own insecurities!