Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scarlett Is A Survivor!

You'd never know it from the way Scarlett looks now, but she was a child actor. You remember her from Home Alone 3 and Eight Legged Freaks right? In the latest issue of Allure magazine she was asked why she didn't go the way of most child actors after they hit adulthood. She said:

"My mom was just very strict about the hours I worked and that I was in school every day....I do think I'm a survivor in some way. I mean, we've all gone through our different sh*t and either we come out of it better or we come out of it worse. I'm mostly a healthy person, I think. But we all have our demons...Fortunately, because I'm passionate about what I do, that has kept me above the line, so to speak....My passion has kept me from going under."


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