Thursday, October 05, 2006

They're BACK!
x17 Reported the two spent an afternoon together?
Nicole's Yesterday Scheadule:
12:30 pm - dumped Brody in Malibu and headed for Beverly Hills
1:00 pm - met up with Paris Hilton at the Beverly Hills Hotel for about 10 minutes
1:10 pm - drove back to her dad's (Lionel) house, where she and Paris rendez-vous again
1:20 pm - chatted with Paris about Brody breakup, Paris chats about Shanna bust up
3:15 pm - left dad's house off to who-knows where and Paris goes shopping (see video below)

They may not be BFF,
but I'm sure these plastic bitches will be close in no time!

1 comment:

juiicySCOOP said...

Now I can rest at night knowing these two whorebags are back to licking each others twat!! oh JOY!! But seriously, I loved them together!!