Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tori is Rich or Poor?On the (very) short end of the inheritance from her late father's $500 million estate, Tori Spelling has now resorted to selling photos of her pregnancy to OK! magazine -- for a cool $250,000, according to a report in Page Six this morning.
It's no secret that Tori and her mom haven't been speaking ever since Tori's dad, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, died in July. Tori told the press that she was upset that she heard about her father's death from a friend, and ever since then, the tensions have only been escalating, culminating in a tense Emmy Awards-night faceoff. Maybe a little grandchild will change the way Candy thinks of her daughter -- but will it make her cough up some cash?

-Well, she was selling her clothes on ebay sooo?

Maybe she was really broke!


the_celeb_dish said...

I have wondered if she will get more money now that she's pregnant...

intogossip said...

Actually I think She did, I heard her mother gave her more milliones after she found out she was pregnant!