Friday, October 27, 2006

Why In The World Is Mischa Crying?

Is it because of a bad hair cut, broken nail, someone's death, or a break up with Cisco?


Anonymous said...

broke up with cisco

Joy A said...

All I know is I love these pics.

Anonymous said...

Someone wanted her to make her pay for treating her mom like crap in an elevator in front of hotel guests some time ago.

Anonymous said...

can u at least just respect her privacy, by not posting these images up, everybody crys once in a while, and this just shows that mischa isnt like some teeny bopper celeb, she is like us, she has feelings, a great personality and a big heart.

and you know what, what she is crying over is none of your business, its something called, privacy, so i hope you are able to respect that, before u post this.

oh and to Joy A, wtf is wrong with you, how can u love these pictures, OMG,how can u actually say u like this pictures, WTF this is the most saddest picture of mischa, clearly it shows that u have no heart, haha whatever, how would u like it if someone took a picture of u when u are really down and depressed and crying, and they say that they love that picture, well id be fkin annoyed, so why dont you jus get a life, this picture is really sad.

and to anonymous, she fkin did not treat her mom bad,she loves her mom to death, and it isnt even the reason why she is cryin so can u jus shut the fk up, and stop spreading rumours abt her, gawd cant u ppl just get a life, and shut the hell up.

wahtever, i love mischa and i dont want to waste my time commenting on losers

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! I love Mischa too and you, the strange one, you have no right to sit there behind your fcking computer and say that you like these pictures! Mischa is probobly hurt!!!!!! Mischa ROCKS!!!!!

bellachanel337 said...

i agree seeing anyone cry is sad and not funny.

Back off and give her some respect. Even if you don't like her.

Anonymous said...

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