Monday, November 06, 2006

Paris Hilton Does Not Live In A Fantasy World

Some love her. Others hate her. Paris Hilton's latest biographer, who spent more than a year studying the world's most famous "celebutante," says he just feels sorry for her.

"I feel sorry for her because in a way she had no chance to do anything else but live the dreams that her grandmother and her mother had for themselves."

"It is a bizarre family," said Oppenheimer. "Behind the scenes her parents were not opposed to (the sex video) because that totally launched her."

Oppenheimer said it was hard to tell if Hilton was real or the invention of a clever marketing team that was aware her "heiress tag" is untrue. She stands to inherit little from the Hilton empire and needs to work for a living.

"Paris will say whatever comes into her head. She tends to make up stories and scenarios. I do wonder if she doesn't live in a fantasy world herself," Oppenheimer said.

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Anonymous said...

i know, i still don't get why people are so crazy about her, she has no talent and now she's telling hollywood she wants her own star!