Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Easy Findings

  1. Celebrities gets into politics (TMZ)
  2. Fergie Does Tyra (HollywoodRag)
  3. Everone in Laguna Beach is dirty (Mollygood)
  4. Madonna introduces David to Grandpa (Popsugar)
  5. Nobody wants to head K-Fed rap (msn)
  6. Does Britney live in The Four Seasons(Glitterati)
  7. Take a look at Britney and Kfed's Divorce Papers (TMZ)
  8. Would YOU wink stupidly for a magazine? (ONTD)
  9. Paparazzi's are sick of Angelina Jolie(Socialite's Life)
  10. Faith Hill pulls a Kanye (TheBosh)

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