Thursday, November 09, 2006

Easy Findings

  1. Mischa Barton's nude scene pictures(egotastic)
  2. Britney Spears is actually smarter than?(bestweekever)
  3. Jessica Simpson hired a male escort(hollywoodrag)
  4. Baby Violet smiles for the camera (popsugar)
  5. Mariah Carey is a sore loser and sues Hong Kong promoter(TMZ)
  6. New York's interview, if you care (ONTD)
  7. Denise Richards attacks the handicapped(thesuperficial)
  8. Shar Jackson is a nice bitch (USweekly)
  9. Nick Lachey Favors a Ukulele, what? (asocialite'slife)
  10. Martha and Russell cooked together?(popbytes)

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