Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Easy Findings

  1. Britney Spears had a tummy tuck and showing it off (Hollyscoop)
  2. Cameron Diaz calls herself a spoiled brat(Popsugar)
  3. More TomKat wedding pictures (ICYDK)
  4. Can't get enough of Spiderman 3? See the Posters (Rappy's)
  5. Taye Diggs and Ashlee Simpson doing it? (Juicy-News)
  6. Tyra and Janet plan a day at Mcdonald's (Celebritymound)
  7. You know you want to see the new Harry Potter film (Celebitchy)
  8. Someone get rid of Sienna Miller already! (Bumpshack)
  9. Did Mario Lopez pop the question? (Glitterati)
  10. Penelope, Naomi , and Hilary in the Pirelli Calendar.(Nosysnoop)

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