Friday, November 03, 2006


  1. More of the Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumor(Popbytes)
  2. Lindsay Lohan an Alcoholic too? Is she even legal to drink yet? (Celeb News Wire)
  3. Lindsay's Following Demi Moore's footsteps ( Mollygood)
  4. Don't Date David Hasselhoff's Daughter or He will Cut Your Thing Off (Glitterati)
  5. Jessica Simpson is Blockbusty (Egotastic)
  6. When Celeb's Wear Runway Looks (Juicy-News)
  7. Shakira Shines at the Latin Grammy Awards (Popsugar)
  8. Proof that Paris Hilton is a Slut and An Evil Bitch(x17online)
  9. Adam Sandler Continues to Make Us Laugh (TMZ)
  10. Penelope Cruz Get's Her Glam On (A Socialite's Life)
  11. Not Everyone Hates Mel Gibson Because He Got An Award (IDLYITW)
  12. Madonna Reads Her Own Book (OTBW)

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