Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kevin Federline Can't Afford To Pay Rent

Thank God! Britney dumped K-fag since he obviously was a nobody before her. Here's more proof that this guy was and still is a loser. Someone is auctioning kevin's old check on ebay that was supposed to be rent money from his old apartment with Shar Jackson in Yorba Linda California and they were eventually evicted from this property. It clearly says "Non Sufficient Funds" stamped on by the bank.

Read more about the bidding if you're actually interested after the jump
Here's the item's description:

"We covered over the name of the company that it was made payable to, however when you receive the item, the temporary cover will be removed.

Own some memorabilia from Kevin when he was living with Shar Jackson. You won't see this kind of item anywhere! We are still trying to collect on this debt of the Non Sufficient Funds no good check and damage from the eviction.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Bid with confidence, we'd be happy to include other items proving this is real from the eviction. Hopefully we will make enough to pay off his debt from this sale! Our attorney says it is legal to sell this. This account is now closed (who would have guessed?)

Hey Britany, care to pay it off for him? "

If you are stupid enough to want to buy this, click here.


Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't deserve any woman in this planet, he should go to Pluto or something!

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