Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kevin Federline Wants The Kids!

I have no idea how Kfed is going to fight for custudy or what he's smoking thinking he'd win it? Anyways, it turns out that Kevin actually cares for hist two little ones and wants some custody on them. However, with Britney being the primary and sole parent of Sean and Jaden it already seems like Kevin has no chance of winning.

"TMZ Reports :Federline almost certainly cannot challenge the prenup. Sources say hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser drafted an air-tight prenuptial agreement before the couple married. So Federline's only chance of cashing in is by mounting an ugly custody fight, trying to force a more lucrative settlement. But friends of Spears say Britney will fight a holy war to prevent Federline from getting custody and, given his track record -- or lack of it -- with the kids, it would appear Spears has the clear advantage."

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Anonymous said...

I am not one to defend KFed BUT, if she is going to use his partying as an excuse to not give him the kids, what about when she starts touring again? He can stop this rap business and stay home and care for the kids. Maybe all of this drama will teach him a lesson and make him a responsible father. Too little too late you say? That's what they said about Britney. This saga is long from over. It's just the beginning.