Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kobe Bryant Sued!

Kobe Bryant was sued in Federal Court today by a fan who claims he was deliberately elbowed by the NBA star during a Lakers game at FedEx Forum in Memphis last year -- and now the fan wants $75,000 in damages for unspecified injuries!

According to court documents, Bill Geeslin claims that during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on November 14 of last year, Bryant came off the court during play, landed on him, and that Bryant "committed assault and battery and engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct when [Bryant], without provocation, violently struck Mr. Geeslin with [his] elbow, causing Mr. Geeslin injury and damages." So much for sitting courtside.

Bryant was famously accused of sexual assault back in 2003. While all criminal charges were later dropped, he settled out of court for a reported sum of $5 million.

Calls to Lakers representatives were not immediately returned.

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Anonymous said...

Greg & Holly Harnsongkram in Des Moines, IA: We are loyal Lakers transplants and have always enjoyed Kobe Bryant's playing. We were sad to see his extra-marital affair turn even uglier by the false claims of a cheap money-grubbing floozy. Now, we are supposed to accept the claims that, for no reason at all, Koby leapt off the court to elbow a FAN in the face? C'mon! Please - enough with the obvious attempts to fleece players with ridiculous lawsuits. If Koby DID strike that guy, you can almost bet he did it in self-defense. It's just not Koby style (unlike other players we won't mention. - Good luck Kobe! - Greg & Holly Harnsongkram, DesMoines.