Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lindsay and Ali Do Cosmo Girl

Lindsay and her younger sister Ali (12 yrs old) is on the cover of November Cosomo Girl and like any sister would do, Lindsay gave a few advice to her sis.

On showing Ali the ropes, Lindsay says:
“I think it’s important to let kids live and learn,” Lohan says.“The more you shelter them from things, which my parents never did, themore they go out and rebel. I never felt like I had to hide anything.”

And as far as men are concerned, LL says:
“Never take anything too seriously and just kind of go with it day byday,” adds Lindsay. “And always have a few guys on the side as abackup.”

Her main advice to Ali is “Life is short. Live fast!”



better than you said...

that's not a good advice to give to a younger sister! “Life is short. Live fast!” Lindsay is a stupid bitch!

Anonymous said...

Now i know it's really true that she's a dirty whore.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe how these sisters are all trying to move to the spotlight like their sister

Anonymous said...

fucken whore!!!!!