Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Called Paris A "Cunt"

Whether or not Paris and Lindsay are friends again you can't stop the drugs from taking over your mind and body. While Lindsay partied last night with Paris and Nicky at Teddy's in Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Photogs caught Lindsay on camera calling Paris Hilton a cunt and later denied that she did.

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"Paris is a c**t," Lohan said.
However, it doens't end there!
Lohan then laughed it off after photographers were stunned speechless for a moment and asked her again.
"Why is Paris a c**t?" a photogapher asked.
"I never said that," Lohan replied.
"I love Paris Hilton," Lohan said, refusing to acknowledge her previous comment. "Paris is my friend."
Elliot Mintz, Paris' spokesperson, was contacted.
"I choose to hear Lindsay's second comment," Mintz said.

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Anonymous said...

Lindsay is such a clown trying to make us believe she didn't say "Paris is a cunt" get off the drugs honey!

mickymic said...

what makes lohan better than Paris? nothing. they both crave publicity and im sick of it