Thursday, November 09, 2006

Michael Caine Bashes David Beckham

Apparently, not the whole world wants to have the pleasure of calling David Beckham a "sir" at least nor Michael Caine. Michael thinks that David Beckham is too young to be knighted, and that his wife Victoria "just goes along for the ride." Beckham has been rumored to be in line for a knighthood the next time the Queen does her thing. "I've been Sir Michael for about five or six years now. [David] seems a bit young to me, I wasn't a Sir until I was 66!" he tells the Sun.

Oh Michael Caine as much as I love your movies (The Prestige and Batman Begins) I can't help but hate you. You're clearly jealous of David because he's getting knighted at a young age and Victoria is not "just along for the ride" she had also quite a few accomplishment herself.

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