Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More About Britney's Divorce

It turns out that it was a handwritten letter from Federline that finally pushed the pop star over the edge, causing her to end the two-year union for good. On November 6, after a week of fighting via text message, Federline, 28, sent a handwritten letter to his wife, who was staying at a separate hotel in NYC.

It mostly blamed Britney for all their problems,” a family insider says of the letter. Hours later, enraged, she notified her attorney to start drafting the divorce petition and signed it at the hotel just before making a surprise appearance on CBSs Late Show With David Letterman – minus her wedding ring.

“That’s why she looked so happy,” says the source. “A weight had been lifted.

Haha, what an idiot. I would think after seeing the world's reaction to his debut, he would be putting Britney on a pedestal and praise her for all she has given him. He has nothing without her. He probably only had one pair of shoes before he met Britney. Worse of all, I can't believe Britney ever fell for such a lame excuse of a man.

According to Ken Baker of US Weekly, the only gig Federline has in line for him is to host a Girls Gone Wild episode. Don't worry, he will go away soon just like a bad cold.

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Anonymous said...

you should all be ashamed of ur selves! i feel so sorry for brit and her whole family. also lay off jamie she is just a teenager there isn't anything that she can do!