Friday, November 03, 2006

Paris Hilton in Outer Space

According to Life Style Extra(UK) Paris Hilton wants to be the first celebrity to go into space.
She plans make a twist to her reality TV show, The Simple Life, and film as she trains to be an astronaut. "She imagines she would be followed by cameras going through all the training before ultimately blasting off to become the world's first celeb astronaut."
However, Nicole Richie seems to be out on this trip due to her phobia of flying. The source added: "Nicole is out. There's no amount of money that would tempt her to do that. She hates flying on jets!"
Paris also claims she gets in fight with guys because she's not as sexual in private as she is presumed to be. She said: "I'd rather watch a movie or eat."
Why do I find that hard to believe? Am I just a little pessimistic? It can't be. You can't go from a straight up whore in the public to a lame duck in bed at home. Maybe the other way around, but it just doesn't work the way she claims it to be. She's probably just trying to clean up her act.

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