Friday, November 10, 2006

Plus Size Top Models Next Season?

I'm pretty sure we're all tired of hearing about eating disorders and celebrities looking like sticks. Well, now you won't have to anymore.

"America's Next Top Model" upcoming season is heading away from its usual image. The girls will not be exactly what we would call 'plus-size,' but they are definitely not the typical below size 0 models. A source made a crude joke that the hair and make-up team will have major work to do.

Regardless of ANTM's motive, it's about time that we see more natural women getting some spot light.

Hmm, but what makes ANTM such a big hit? Is it the pretty young girls getting a chance at fame, or is it the drama and fighting?

The girls are said to be some of the most humble and grateful girls the show has ever seen. Uh oh, what's to become of the next season?


Anonymous said...

its good that you will do a over size americas next top model! at least people wont think that all models are anorexic.I get that alot because i weight 105 people think i am anorexic just because i am skinny even my own mom but i am perfectly healthy!!!

Anonymous said...

Size 0 should be banned everywhere Too many young girls are developing eating disoders trying to keep up with celebritys
tyra banks is my biggest inspiration because she dont take crap when people say stuff about her for her not being size 0.
she has curves and is proud of it i think she is beautiful and size 0 is the most disgusting i have ever seen!

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