Friday, November 03, 2006

Rachael and Martha Splits Barry!

Rachael Ray outmaneuvered Martha Stewart - and got chided for it by the grand diva herself. Ray had taped a show with Barry Manilow Wednesday, which was set to air today on ABC - after Manilow appeared live on Stewart's NBC show Thursday. But Ray's producers found out about Manil ow's appearance with Stewart and aired Ray's Manilow segment at the same time as Stewart's, prompting Stewart to announce on-air: "I'd never met Rachael Ray - I think she's fun and lovely - but, you know, we have Barry Manilow live this morning, and he taped an epi sode of the Rachael Ray show that was supposed to air tomorrow. But for some reason, they pushed the show up to today, and now Barry is on two shows at once. He's live with us, but it's really not fair to the artist because these performers deserve to reach as big of an audience as possible. But anyway, we have him here. Live."

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Anonymous said...

all i have to say is that rachel ray is too loud, fat, and annoying