Monday, November 06, 2006

Scarletts sex tape is now for sale

An email went out this weekend saying that the Scarlett Johansson sex tape is now for sale through this maybe real/maybe not website.

The email said:Ladies and Gentlemen,Sorry for the delay. We needed to get some advice before proceeding. This will be the process: Let’s skip the marketing 101 with lower perceived price points of $19.95 or $19.98. The price is $20. We will be using Paypal. No exceptions.

Model-y sounding Adriana sent an email and said the clue on the website - a red "A" - might also stand for Demi Moore, because she was in the movie "the Scarlet Letter", but a better clue for her would probably be a picture of a cougar. Or maybe a picture of me drinking ovaltine in little footie pajamas and hanging up a 3-D horse poster, since that's also about the last time I wanted to think about Demi Moore blowing anyone.


Anonymous said...

woooooot i wanna see! haha i still dont buy this bull! i'm sure its a fakey

Anonymous said...

who cares? she'll be lucky if she sells one