Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Sir" David beckham

The much-loved sportsman, who already is the proud owner of an Order of the British Empire, faces a prestigious knighthood in honor of his services to soccer and his community work.

An insider tells British newspaper Daily Star, "The Beckhams are already showbiz royalty and now they look set to move a step closer to the real thing."

"It is widely believed Tony Blair will put David forward for a knighthood in the New Year list.

"He was a fantastic skipper and player for England and there's every chance he'll be back. He's also done a tremendous amount for children and the community."

I absolutely have no idea why David Beckham is getting knighted and becoming a "Sir" but I bet his looks and sex appeal had something to do with it.

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Anonymous said...

wat a load of shit, i know piles of dog poo that have done more for the community