Thursday, November 09, 2006

Elle MacPherson Fights Off Mugger

The Supermodel given the title, "The Body," was heading to the Move For AIDS VIP charity bash in North London when a thug ambushed her and tried to steal her purse.

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"However, the 43-year-old beauty was left unfazed by the attack and, to the astonishment of witnesses and the unfortunate thief, launched her own assault on the crook using her well honed martial arts skills.

An eye witness told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Everyone was watching her, he didn't stand a chance. As soon as he grabbed Elle's bag she swung around quite calmly, just went for his arm and got her bag. The mugger reacted like he'd been floored, then staggered back and ran for it."

Elle regularly practices the ancient Chinese art of T'ai Chi, which has apparently given the catwalk queen 'the strength of a bodybuilder'."

As you can see, these pictures are from the 2006 Sports Illustrated.
That's one amazing body for a 43 year old woman.

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