Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Avril Lavigne's "Fun" Album

Avril Lavigne has promised fans they are going to love her "fun" new album. The Canadian singer has revealed the title of the LP will be 'The Best Dam Thing' and will be released in April, preceded by the single 'Girlfriend' which is due out in February.

In a posting on her MySpace blog, Avril writes: "I promise you guys will love this record, it is my favourite one! And I can't wait. I wanted to make sure the songs were fun. Fun for the fans and myself. I will only have like 3 slow songs on the record. I am working on my last song right now in the studio. I should be all wrapped up by Monday (18.12.06) in time for the Christmas holidays.

"The album is fast, fun, young, bratty, aggressive, confident and cocky in a playful way. All the good stuff."


Anonymous said...

i think if anyone dises avril they suck avril is the best no dout she has alot more talent than most people she plays drums,guitar piano and sings this is gonna be the best album ever so be prepared!!!!!!!!! good luck top avril!!

Anonymous said...

avril is a great song writer so i think this album will be awsome!!