Friday, December 08, 2006

Cameron Diaz Finally Accepts Fame

Hollywood and Anit-Paparazzi star Cameron Diaz insists she's more accepting of her celebrity persona in the face of the paparazzi than she was two years ago.

The Charlie's Angel star attacked a photographer in Los Angeles in 2004, when she was spotted out with boyfriend Justin Timberlake. The case was settled out of court a year later, but Diaz is adamant she's learned from the experience.

She says, "I'm a very private person, and I've never really sold my life to the public. There was this overwhelming pressure from all sides, and I just didn't know how to handle it."
"My dad taught me how to fight when I was a kid. When somebody comes at you, you defend yourself."

"Now I've made peace with it. I realise that I can't change it. That's a part of what society expects of people in my position... so I will participate on a certain level."


Anonymous said...

I hated her before but now I'm starting to like her with all the smiles! keep it up cam!

Anonymous said...

I still do not like her! She has never been kind to her fans either. She never wants to sign autographs or take pictures with fans. I will never pay for anything that she profits from! She isn't grateful to her fans that have made her famous.