Saturday, December 02, 2006


Guess who found Britney's underwear? Jaime Kennedy! Anyways, Happy Birthday Britney I hope you get tons of underwears and a new shit load of friends!


Anonymous said...

happy b day b!!! hope u have a great b day. do your thing. Party hard and fuck who ever doesnt like it. you are a free woman and a super sexy star. I hope you come back and truly bring sexy back unlike the lame of jt. so bring it on.

Anonymous said...

I love you britney! HAPPY BDAY!

Britney said...

i know im late! but Happy bday Britney!

Anonymous said...

Britany is a foul mouth young lady that called a photographer fat and suggested a diet. does she think only skinny people buy her records? Look at your own bottom! i don't wish you a Happy Bday but just get HAPPY!

Blackjack said...

i like this woman without panty lol :D


Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

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