Thursday, December 14, 2006

Inside Pamela And Kid Rock's Split

Inside Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock split from US magazine and since Pamela is a PETA supporter Kid Rock's mom wore fur just to upset Pam. Team Pam!


Anonymous said...

Kid Rock has shown so much class by not saying anything. Of course we will hear from dipshit over and over bcz she does nothing that isn't press worthy. Didn't anyone catch that he left her?? Rediculous bimbo.

Anonymous said...

As an animal rights supporter, longstanding, i still have to say you go girl to Kid Rock's mom. Anything to get that dirtbag out of the family. The guy is a self made man and his family HAD money... he only WEARS wifebeaters, her big love of her life IS one. Can't someone gag the bag??