Friday, December 15, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Is Too Recognisable

Jennifer Aniston has been snubbed in her bid to land a guest spot on her favourite TV drama 24 because she is "too recognisable".

Executive producer Joel Surnow says, "You can't put those people on (the show) because they're too recognisable. They'll take you (viewers) out of the reality."

Aniston wasn't the only big name to be turned down for a role in 24 by producers - funnyman Ben Stiller was also deemed too famous for the show, according to America's TV Guide.


Willow said...

I think 24 was just being nice because she is so one dimensional that almost every part she plays she comes off as Rachel

Anonymous said...

I agree! Love Rachel and all but SO not a 24 personality

Anonymous said...

this dimwit just has to go away. she can't act, and this is good that she finally realizes that she can't act, and that she doesn't have what it takes to make any good movies, much less get a part on 24. my feelings are that yes, she has had her 15 min of fame. she's over now, and too old. joel surnow was wise in keeping her away. good choice