Friday, December 22, 2006

Nelly Furtado To Record Spanish Album

Nelly Furtado to record album completely in Spanish, and in talks to tour with Justin Timberlake. If Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez have done it, why not should Nelly?, who speaks spanish better than them.

Furtado was born speaking Portuguese and English, and she couldn't even say "Hola" in Spanish, until she turned 14 when she started her spanish lessons.

Even thought she has already recorded some Spanish songs like "Te Busque" , from her album Loose, this will be the first time she tries to write spanish songs from zero.

The Canadian singer is thinking to include a couple of the songs she has already recorded, among this there will be a very famous 'Cover' and a bunch of new songs done specially for this new album.

Furtado also said she is in talks with Justin Timberlake to go out on Tour together in support of their Albums.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Christina aguilera beats the crap out of nelly in spanish.
Nelly *might* sound better for americas, but spanish speakers can't really understand when she sings..

Anonymous said...

AGH whatever. Nelly ROCKS!!! On any language. it's a good thing she's singin in spanish now. Christina Aguilera is going "white" now. and her albums suck more as they come. It's like, Xtina's music quality is Decreasing while nelly Furtado's INCREASING!... Yet Nelly remembers her roots, unlike Xtina!
Xtina, isn't as good as her.

Yummy said...

If Nelly did release an album in spanish it would be better than JLOs boring album and beat Christinas any day.

ramona said...

Look Hear you Evil skank hatting bunch of whores i am a spanish speaker. i and i can understand everything that nelly sings. And i love her in spanish also she is the best. cant wait to go buy her album in spanish.

Anonymous said...

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