Monday, December 11, 2006

Paris and Nicky Hilton's Lesbian Fest

I'm not surprised Paris and Nicky Hilton poses like a slut in these pictures because that's how they got famous. Clearly, they look more like lesbian lovers that sisters and looked exactly like they were on drugs or drunk.

Sex-mad Paris is well-known for her lack of inhibitions.
But even she was pushing back the boundaries when she posed for this sizzling set of snaps on a visit to the Playboy Mansion in LA.
Paris, wearing stockings and suspenders and an animal-print basque, seems to be loving every minute of being captured bottom to bottom with Nicky, 23.
Their feet are clamped on the roof of their limo as they soak up the limelight. In another shot Paris, 25, hugs and kisses her wide-eyed little sis - who is dressed in only a silky slip.
Our snapper said: “I know sisters can be a touchy feely but this was taking it to an extreme."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, this doesn't look lesbian at all...just extremely trashy. It also appears that Paris is always cold-stone sober and perfectly made-up for these "impromptu" photo shoots with other women, while her unsuspecting partners are soused, badly dressed, and caught at their worst. Seems to me that Paris may be humiliating her nearest and dearest just for the fun of it, and to keep her own name in the lights.